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May 6th, 2011 - The Animation Band supports Terre des Hommes Italy campaign for humans's rights of children, "Io Proteggo io Bambini" (I Protect the Children)

Producing animated cartoons means always considering children the center of attention.

As we know, every child in every country around the world has the right to play and recreation, every child has the right to an adequate standard of living, to have a fulfilled and happy life. But regrettably most of them are vulnerable to various forms of abuse and mistreatment. Not only in the most underdelepoved countries, but in all countries of world, including Italy.


For the reasons above The Animation Band took the decision to support "Io Proteggo i Bambini" (I Protect the Children), a campaign  of Terre des Hommes Italy focusid on children's rights. Our loyalty has led us to produce five creative, animated mini-spots directed by Gregory Panaccione and aimed to give some comprehensible advices directly to children, a perspicuous communication helping children to understand every content easily. There are several simple examples and little rules teaching to the children how to defend themselves or how prevent some risks that might occur. Some topics discuss about internet grooming and bullying, just some examples of a growing phenomenon.

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