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August 9th, 2010 - Pororo on Sky Boomerang!

After broadcasting on RAI2 and Cartoon Network, on Sky Boomerang arrives Pororo, a 3D animated series in 104 episodes, distributed in exclusive for Italy by The Animation Band.

Pororo is a tender and funny blue penguin, who wears big round aviator goggles and lives in a pine-tree house in a tiny village surrounded by ice and snow-covered forest.

His friends are other baby animals, such as Poby the polar bear, Eddy the little red fox, Loopy the beaver, Crong the little dinosaur, the female penguin Petty and the hummingbird Harry.

Together, Pororo and friends embark on many adventures, driven by curiosity to explore their own little world, invent many new games and frequently end up getting into trouble. Nothing that cannot be faced by the clever Pororo and the strenght of friendship.

Pororo the Little Penguin is a series aimed at preschool-aged children of 3-5 years, which underline the importance of mutual respect by showing to young TV audience how to relate well with thei peers with different tastes or character, and showing how to play creatively and responsibly.

In the world of Pororo has a place also a Christmas adventure, as recounted in the TV movie "Pororo and the magic mission of Christmas", already broadcasted several times with success at Christams on Rai2.


Pororo the Little Penguin - every day on Sky Boomerang.

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