The Animation Band

Italian - ItalyEnglish (United Kingdom)


208 eps. x 7'

Target 2-8

Animation 3D


Ruby is a little and lively girl discovering the world, always striving to look around everywhere.

Her best friend and inseparable playmate is Yoyo, a friendly bunny-like alien.

Rubi is sometimes a bit too mischievious with the poor Yoyo, who would prefer to take a nap

instead of being dragged in some crazy adventure...

In addition we have an entire cast of zany and colourful characters, both human and animal,

helping Rubi to learn core values such as the respect for environment and other people, the

importance of friendship, creativity etc.

Inside Rubi's stories there are also many funny quiz, suitable for the age of the child, that

the little viewiers can solve together with their friends, learning in the meantime small notions

about everyday life and rules to live in armony with others.


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