Lupo Alberto

    104 episodes x 7’
    5 – 10 years
    The Animation Band, Rai Fiction
    Giuseppe Laganà, Alessandro Belli

The story of Lupo Alberto is very curious, since it involves a wolf and a hen: Alberto and Marta. Each night Alberto comes down from the hills to sneak into the McKenzie farm where Marta waits for him to propose to her.

In these forays, Alberto must be very cautious because Moses, the watchdog, awaits him. Their declaration of war is constant and turns into quarrels and jokes that end up involving all the inhabitants of the McKenzie farm, a place where you definitely never get bored!

Lupo Alberto and the McKenzie family

It is easy to identify with Lupo Alberto, in his charm and in his very funny clumsiness, because it sums up the desire to do and the psychological characteristics rich in nuances and contradictions typical of the younger generations from all over the world. Lupo Alberto is in fact extroverted, biting and at the same time shy, attentive to social and environmental problems without ever giving up playing and having fun. He is always cheerful, and his cheerfulness is his ace in the hole, the concrete example of a winning lifestyle that allows him to overcome any situation, even the most desperate, unscathed.