Spaghetti Family

    26 episodi x 26’
    All ages
    The Animation Band, Rai Fiction
    Giuseppe Laganà

Finally, the first series created by Bruno Bozzetto, the most internationally known Italian cartoonist, arrives on TV. Considered as the Italian answer to the Simpsons, The Spaghetti Family is an all-Italian sit-com, where satire, humor, warmth and cheerfulness are intertwined in a serial of 26 episodes x 26 min.
Just as in every part of the world there are families with their problems, in Italy lives the Spaghetti Family, an average, large and rather chaotic family.

With Marta, the typical “mamma”, Poldo, the relatively slacker father, and a host of four children, two brothers and two twins, and again a dog, a cat, an Indian blackbird and three turtles, we will live the daily adventures of a family in eternal conflict. The only thing that puts them in agreement is the unconditional love for spaghetti, which they eat in any sauce for lunch and dinner.

Having to do with six characters and several animals living together in a single house, there are dozens and dozens of situations that give rise to moments of true humor, just imagine the difficulty of living together, when everyone demands a personal space to act, work, play, study, or simply rest!
Apparently trivial problems, but in which all the spectators can identify with extreme ease because they are situations that we have sometimes experienced in our turn, suffering, getting angry or having fun, as children, as parents or mere spectators.

The Spaghetti Family presents that blend of comedy and drama that is always present in everyday life.

Each episode develops a double level: that of the story told on the surface, a funny pretext that starts the story, and the deeper one of the complex relationship between family members, a relationship that expresses all those emotions and contradictions that are capable of making realistic even animated characters like ours.

In the background, a panorama of today’s society with all its limitations and defects. All this allows the series to address a very wide audience, precisely because it offers various reasons of interest. The younger spectator, or the child, will be able to become passionate about the amusing situations presented for example by the twins and their love for animals, will be able to laugh at Poldo’s awkwardness or at the inevitable gags that involve the whole Spaghetti family, including the neighborhood. At the same time, the more adult public will be fascinated by the concrete issues that our protagonists will face from time to time.

Spaghetti Family aired on Rai 3, Rai Gulp and Rai Yoyo and in 2003 won the Pulcinella Award for Best Series for all audiences.