The Things

  • TV SERIES 26 episodi x 5’
  • TARGET All ages
    The Animation Band, Rai Fiction
    Bruno Bozzetto

Colorful, funny, cunning, foolish, arrogant, dreamy and mischievous, these are The Things.
Very small and bizarre beings who inhabit the arid territory of Thingystan, a seemingly boundless land, but which in reality, if you want to believe who has been there, seems to measure two meters and thirty by three and forty-five. In Thingystan, the life of the Things flows placidly and maybe you would even get bored …

But from time to time the usual routine is upset by the passage of The Big Things, huge and very distracted beings who walk through Thingystan always losing something, a toy car, a skate, a funnel, a ring and so on. The Things, curious and meddlesome, never miss an opportunity to approach and explore these mysterious finds, giving each time their own, amusing interpretation and demonstrating that anything can become a game if you use your imagination.

From the genius of Bruno Bozzetto, a new, wild and surreal animated series completely in 3D, whose apparently simple stories can actually be seen both as the hilarious events of a group of “aliens”, and as an ironic mirror of vices and virtues of men.

The Things aired for the first time on Rai2, plus other passages on Rai Gulp and Rai Yoyo.

Characters of The Things


Very lively son of Santo and Mammamia, to whom he is very fond, he is an intelligent and sensitive boy, who is interested in everything and is willing to make friends with anyone. His great imagination also makes him very curious, and he is therefore attracted to Curly, a bigger and more unscrupulous rascal than him who often drags him into unexpected and dangerous adventures.


Mother of Pierpaoloantonio and wife of Santo. Quiet, witty and flirtatious with men, she takes particular care of the outward appearance of things and tends to have everything under control, defending the peace and serenity of her family with all her strength. She dedicates herself with commitment to the education of her little son who often disappoints her with his sensational, unpredictable and spontaneous outings.


Pierpaolantonio‘s father and Mammamia‘s husband is an incorrigible grumpy and inveterate bigot, he always has to say about everything and everyone and in particular about the actions of his son and the “young people of today” who he believes to be all dedicated in destroying peace and tranquility of Thingystan (and consequently his).


The rascal of the company, aggressive, provocative and enterprising, always looking for new adventures, indicated by many mothers as the bad example not to follow for their children. His unconventional character allows him to drag others into his pranks, especially Pierpaolantonio who secretly admires his independence from conventions.


The neighborhood policeman who runs to keep order where it already exists and is always absent when his presence is necessary. A bureaucrat who knows all laws , codes and footnotes by heart, which he often quotes out of hand, managing to complicate even the simplest things and making life difficult for anyone who has the misfortune to run into him.


Great Mafia-style businessman, very rich and perpetually looking for easy earnings, intent on exploiting the vast and unexplored way of the Things by organizing huge building speculations. In fact, he has the fixed idea of ​​cementing the entire Thingystan by planning the new Las Vegas, a source of entertainment for the Things and colossal earnings for him. He moves with a large escort of followers, the Bizness, morbidly attracted by corruption and illicit acts and above all by the possibility of profitable investments.