Pororo and the magical Christmas task

  • SPECIAL 70′
  • TARGET 2 – 5 years
  • 3D

It is a cold winter morning and Christmas is around the corner; Pororo the penguin and his longtime friends (Eddy, Loopy, Poby and Crong) are back from the woods where they cut a fir tree, and are preparing to celebrate the long-awaited Christmas. They have just finished decorating the tree, however, and they receive a shocking message from Santa Claus himself!

Santa has caught a bad cold, and is unable to bring his special Christmas Icing to Candied Castle, where, under the supervision of King Bonbon, Christmas treats are made for children all over the world. A Christmas without sweets is likely to be a very sad Christmas!

Pororo and his friends decide to preserve the Christmas spirit at all costs, and set off for Santa’s village, to collect the Christmas Icing themselves and take it to the Candied Castle.
But along the way, they come across an old acquaintance: the evil Witch of Winter, allied to the treacherous Count Chocolato for the occasion, who intend to steal the precious icing and use it for their own purposes…
Will our heroes be able to complete their important mission and save Christmas?