• SERIES 26 episodes x 6’
  • TARGET Pre-school
    The Animation Band, Rai Fiction, France 5, Les Films de la Perrine
    Loredana Middione

Who are we talking about?
Brilliant, charming, without fear but above all without blemish. An immaculate and fearless heart in a soft and equally candid mantle, so white that it couldn’t be whiter.
In one word: Blanche.
A sheep with a dazzling personality, a natural leader who rules without any effort, with the air of a lion and the delicacy of a tender lamb, a well-assorted community of very, very original puppies: a dreamer and vegetarian lion, a pig who’s a bit humoral and bellicose, a singing duck who’s a tip tap fanatic and a swooning little sow.

And again, a chronically melancholy penguin and a very fluffy hippo who together with an inseparable rhino make up an explosive couple.

All these characters are very different from each other, but also very different from how we are used to imagine and tell them. Because in Blanche diversity (in appearance, in attitudes, in character) is not only presented as a natural fact, but it becomes a constant opportunity for surprise, enrichment, curiosity, tolerance, respect, fun, understanding, growth.

What they do

Blanche & Company have the ability to live together harmoniously, smiling at their own defects and appreciating the contribution that each is able to give to the resolution of small and large problems that they face day by day.
But Blanche’s world is also a child-friendly world, designed to reflect and stimulate the sensitivity of young spectators.
In the protagonists of the series we find the typical curiosity of the little ones, their inexhaustible capacity to be amazed, the desire to discover, the gift of reworking facts and experiences with imagination and freshness.

The intent of the series is therefore twofold: on the one hand we propose a model where integration, tolerance, mutual respect are strongly present elements; on the other hand, the narrative is treated in such a way as to recreate the atmosphere of continuous discovery and emotion that is typical of the age group we are addressing.
Blanche entertains the little ones through funny and amusing stories that become a vehicle for emotions, curiosities, creative associations.

What a style!

The characters are puppies eager to experiment, tender and enthusiastic, capable of transforming apparently insignificant events into opportunities to become familiar with themselves and with the world. This typical atmosphere of wonder will be rendered through creative solutions that will help to underline the fable-like style that we have chosen to adopt.
Appropriate narrative choices and a soundtrack capable of effectively emphasizing moments and situations contribute to creating the emotional climate, giving Blanche an unmistakable touch.

Who will go crazy for them

Boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 6. But the enchanted atmosphere, the graphic creativity, the musical themes will fascinate even the older ones.
The profile of the characters and their stories are designed to reflect both the imaginary and real universe of the young spectators. In developing the plots, in fact, great attention is given to the themes and situations that characterize the psychological evolution of children in this moment of their growth.

How many stories…

The episodes are stand-alone and even if echoes and references to previous events are sometimes mentioned, with the intention of constituting amusing reminders for the little spectators, they do not become an obstacle to the full enjoyment of the episode for those who watch the series for the first time. The narrative structure is however built in such a way as to favor a progressive attachment to the characters, increasing the motivation to follow their adventures regularly until they become little trusted friends, fun and light-hearted.

Blanche was broadcast on RAI 2, Rai Gulp and RAI YoYo.